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What is XBMC?

XBMC XBMC Media Center (formerly named XBox Media Center) is a cross-platform, free and open source software media-player. While XBMC functions very well as a standard media player application for your computer, it designed for use as HTPC Software for your living-room TV. It was originally created for the first-generation game console, but is now available for the Linux, Mac OS X (Leopard, Tiger), Apple TV, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. There is also a bootable Live CD and Live USB version referred to as XBMC Live

XBMC supports most common audio, video, and image formats, playlists, audio visualizations, slideshows, weather reporting, and third-party plugins. As well as being able to play multimedia media from local Hard Drives, it is also network aware and can pull in Internet streams, connect to network share, UPnP devices etc. XBMC Media Center has as of yet no PVR TV-recording and EPG TV-Guide functionality of its own. However, it does offer the possibility to integrate such functionality through third-party plugins


XBMC Guides

Installing XBMC

Connecting XBMC to using UPnP