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Orb is a free media server for Windows Vista, XP or Windows XP Media Center Edition. It is a web based front end that is built on Ajax and can give you access to all your Movies, Music, Photos and even live TV from a huge range of devices. This includes a PC, the whole range of the latest generation games consoles and hand held devices such as the iPhone or iPod touch.

Orb offers MyCasting. It turns your home PC into your personal broadcasting system by giving the users of Orb the ability to to not only access content from within their own home network but also the chance to access it via any number of external internet connected devices. To access any of your Orb content you create an Orb login, the details of which are store on the Orb central servers. For this user account, you simply set your preferences for which media folders you wished to share. As long as the PC is switched on and internet connected, it will remain in contact with the Orb Servers. You would then login to the orb mycast web site from a range of devices and since your PC is in contact with the Orb servers, the Orb servers will redirect you to your Home PC and you will then be able to access any available share media. Another excellent feature of Orb is that it allows you to share selected portions of your content to your friends and family using this same Personal Broadcast System.

Orb Guides

Installing Orb

Changing the Movie Thumbnails in Orb


Using Orb with the Apple iPod Touch or iPhone

Streaming Live TV to your Ipod Touch or Iphone using Orb


Using Orb with the Nintendo Wii

Streaming Multimedia to a Nintendo Wii using Orb


Using Orb with the Xbox

How to Stream Media to the Xbox using Orb