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HomePlug Networks

Homeplug adapters haven't been around for that long compared to Wired and Wireless Networks but they have made huge strides in performance and stability recently. Instead of installing extra wiring to run a dedicated network in your home, the HomePlugs use the wiring that is already built in i.e. the electricity cables.

By installing two adapters or more of these adapters, you can have a high speed network up and running in a matter of minutes. The latest HomePlugs are currently reaching speeds of up to 200Mb/s. That equates to a 700MB movie transferred in approx 30 seconds. The range of these adapters are approximately 300m in ideal conditions but won't have any issues on even large residential properties. Even though it is theoretically possible to connect up to 254 of these devices together, the recommended maximum is 10. It is possible to potentially double this number though by creating groups of devices, each group having it's own encryption and thus creating 2 separate networks.


Using Homeplug devices to build a network

The Drawbacks to HomePlug Networks