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Home NAS Servers

A NAS or Network Attached Storage Server is a means of storing you files on a computer network such that they can be accessible by more than one machine whether it be Windows, Mac or Linux.

A Home NAS Server can deliver much more than this basic file sharing functionality as they usually offer other features such as a Web Server, iTunes Server, a Bit Torrent client for downloading files from Peer to Peer file sharing sites and even offer solutions for streaming you multimedia content to your favourite games consoles such as the XBox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii.

As these NAS Servers are traditionally left on for long periods or usually continuously, it is important to use low powered hardware in order to minimise the ongoing cost of these devices.

The 3 main ways of adding Network Attached Storage (NAS) to your home are

Prebuilt NAS servers - dedicated small, quite, low cost and low powered servers

Build your own NAS Servers - Reusing your old hardware which won't run those latest applications

Other File Serving Options - Sharing content out from PC's, Mac and Linux workstations.