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Home NAS Server - Prebuilt

QNAP 419 Pro NAS ServerThere are many home NAS servers on the market, most of which have quite a similar feature set. Ranging from single disk up to 8 disk solution, these can be massively scaleable but having 8 disks would means you'd have an enormous amount of fault tolerant storage, far more than the average person would need (currently). Look at using a 2-4 disk drive system and somewhere between 1-2TB drives in each drive bay depending on your requirements.

They can sit in the corner of a room and run quietly and cheaply as the power consumption is generally around 20-30 watts where as your average PC might be 5-10 times that.

These servers are managed using a simple web interface and offer an enormous feature set which are usually:-

  • File Server
  • Backup Server
  • FTP Server
  • Remote Replication
  • Web Server
  • Print Server
  • MySQL server
  • UPnP Server
  • Download Server (Bit Torrent downloading)
  • iTunes Server


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