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DVD Conversion Software

If you have ripped your DVD or Blu-ray, you will now be left with quite a large file on you hard disk. You may wish to keep it as it is and back it up on to another disk or copy it onto your Home Theatre PC or Media Player. If you have a large number of DVD's you will soon start running out of space. DVD conversion uses compression techniques to try and reduce the file size of the movie without losing too much of it's original quality. The resultant size of the converted DVD is entirely up to you. The quality is dependant however on the type of codec you use to convert your DVD, the bit rate and the resolution you choose and will often involve some trial and error to get something you are happy with. Luckily, there are a number of tools available which take the guess work out of this as they come with a number of presets which you can pick to suit your requirements.

Converting a DVD image (iso) to an MKV format using Handbrake

Converting a DVD rip using DivX Converter