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The traditional way of viewing multimedia content on your iPhones or iPods is to add the media to your iTunes Library and sync your device. The iPhones/iPods are a little restricted in the the type file they can play limiting it to MPEG-4 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC), Quicktime compatible videos and a few audio file formats(*.MP3,*.AAC,*.wav,*.aiff, etc). If want to watch or listen to other media formats, it first has to be converted and iTunes does a good job of this.

iPhones and iPods also have limited amounts of memory available to them so fitting all your music tracks, your photos and more than a handful of movies at one time could mean you have run out of space. Another option to access content from your device is to stream it over the built in Wi-fi network. You can either create a simple set of web pages to access your content or perhaps use some tools to automatically convert your videos and play them to you on the fly. These guides will take you through all of these options with the current software and hardware available.

Remote Control

Controlling your PC, Mac or HTPC using an Apple iPod Touch or an iPhone


Streaming Live TV, Movies, Music and Photos to an iPod Touch or iPhone

Streaming Live TV to your Ipod Touch or Iphone using Orb

Watching TV on your iPod Touch or iPhone

Streaming Videos to an Apple iPhone/iPod Touch using simple Web Pages