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TVIX NetShare

TVix devices offer two ways of connecting to multimedia content on networked machines and these are via Samba or NFS. Of the two, NFS is the faster protocol (on the Tvix) and is the only one which will allow you to stream HD content from a networked source without potentially running into stuttering.

Netshare is a free program from DVICO which allows TVIX media players to connect to shared drives on a Microsoft Windows PC and view or listen to the content from that share. Netshare shares the drives out using the NFS protocol so its a good option to use if you don't have any dedicate Networked Attached Storage Devices (NAS). The TVix device must be plugged in over a Wired or Wireless network for this to work obviously.

You can download the latest version of Netshare from here

Tvix Netshare configuration on the PC

During the install of Netshare, accept all of the defaults and after it has finished installing, launch Netshare from the start menu.

TVix NetShare

If you are always going to share your content out from your PC to the TVIX, it is advisable to check the boxes saying "Auto Sharing at Program Run" and "Netshare AutoRun". This will ensure Netshare Starts up automatically but does mean you will have to login to you PC first (if you have set up a password or have more than one account)

If you have more than one Network card in your machine, you can select for the shared folders to be available to all networks or restrict it to just one. It's probably best to set it to All at first.

In the example above, the PC is set to share out the M:\Media\Movies folder and the M:\Media\Music folder.

Connecting to Netshare from your TVix box

TVIX NFS Network Setup
  • Press the Setup button on your TVix Remote Control and scroll down until you reach the network.
  • Press the right arrow button on your remote control and then scroll down to the network share you wish to use.
  • Select the first available Network Disk which you haven't used. (This example will use Network Disk 3 and Network Disk 4 for Tvix Netshare.)
  • Press the right arrow button once again and then scroll down to the Normal (NFS) option.
  • Press the OK button.

To configure your Network Share, you have two boxes to fill in, the "Server Name" and "Server IP".

TVix NFS Network Setup

The table below will show you what the options are on the PC and what to enter in the TVIX Network Setup.

PC Name PC IP address PC Shared folder TVix Server Name Server IP
File-Server1 M:\Media\movies tvixhd1
File-Server1 M:\Media\Music tvixhd2

Enter your configuration details for however many folders you are sharing, press the OK button and save your setting by scrolling to the EXIT button on your screen.


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