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Streaming media to a Nintendo Wii using

Accessing from the Nintendo Wii has only been possible since August 2009 where upon the Beta Wii software was put onto general release. is DNLA compliant and by using the Wii Internet Channel, you can gain access to and have the ability to access a variety of internet streams and also your own Movie, Music and Photo collections.

Prerequisites for streaming media to a Nintendo Wii using

  1. Installing
  2. Installing the Wii Internet Channel

Gaining access to via the Wii Internet Channel

Switch on the Wii and wait for the menu to load. Click on the Internet Channel and press Start.

Ninetendo Wii Internet Channel

With your pointer, click on the WWW icon.

Nintendo Wii Launch

Type in as the browser address and click OK

Browsing for

If your configuration is set up correctly, it should now find all the devices that are running the server software. Running on Servers

If you only have one machine that is running the server, it will automatically connect to that one. Multimedia choices

From here, you can now click on one of the internet streams you have configured, via its core product or via one of its plugins, or click on the My Media icon for viewing your own multimedia content.

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