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Streaming Video from your Laptop or computer to your TV wirelessly

Q-waves Warpia USB to HDMI Wireless ExtenderIf you have most of your TV and Movie content on your laptop or computer and you want to watch it on your TV, there are a number of ways to do this. You could buy a HDMI card for your PC, you could stream content over the network if you have a DNLA compatible TV or a very simple and neat solution would be to stream Video from your Laptop or PC to your TV. Q-Waves and Warpia have a very simple solution design for families which offers great flexibility and is well worth a look.

If you are in the UK, Q-Waves product is called the Q-Waves Wireless USB to HDMI Extender which uses a USB transmitter from your PC or laptop and streams to a transmitter which is connected to your TV. If you are in the US, Warpia have exactly the same rebadged product called the Warpia Wireless USB Audio and Video PC to TV/Projector Display Converter Kit (HDMI + VGA). It supports full sound via HDMI but it also has the flexibility of a VGA port and 3.5mm jack if you require this. Delivering up to 720p, you could now play internet content (BBC iplayer, Hulu, Youtube), video games or perhaps even use it for Skype calls and view the video on your main TV. The trans mission specs are impressive too with the devices being able to transmit 480Mbs at 3m distance and 110 Mbs at 10 meters. This is ample for HD video content. You will also be pleased to know it works on a different frequency to Microwave ovens so you movie viewing pleasure will not be interupted if someone goes out to make some popcorn. At the moment, you are limited to using Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (Mac drivers are coming in April 2010) and if you do purchase this, make sure you buy a HDMI cable or VGA cable as these are not supplied with the kit.

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