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Streaming Multimedia to a Nintendo Wii using TVersity

TVersity can stream virtually any of your multimedia files to your Wii. It will not stream them in their native format (except bmp, jpg, gif and png) but instead must first transcode the videos into a flash format that the Wii Internet browser can display. TVersity uses fddshow to decode and then reencode the multimedia files into flash.

Streaming Multimedia to a Wii using TVersity

Start your Wii and wait for the main menu to load and then start the Wii Internet Channel.

Nintendo Wii Internet Browser

Click on the WWW to enter your web address.


Launching Tveristy on the Nintendo Wii

To gain access to Tversity you must enter where is the IP address of your Tversity server. Click on the Enter button on the screen keyboard. Once TVersity loads, you should add this to you Wii browser favourites as it's time consuming to type this in every time.

Tversity on the Nintendo Wii

Tversity on the Nintendo Wii

The Main launch screen is shown above and you can now browse through to you multimedia content through these options. The numbers in brackets do not correspond to the number of audio, video files etc that Tversity has picked up but rather the number of menus on the next screen.

  • Audio:- Access to all Audio files in every folder you have added while setting up Tversity
  • Photos:-Access to all Image files in every folder you have added while setting up Tversity
  • Video:-Access to all Video files in every folder you have added while setting up Tversity
  • Folder:-Allows you to browse through the folder structure of the folders you have added.
  • Tags:- If you added Tags while adding your content, this offers another way of access your content.


Tversity on the Nintendo Wii - Video Menu

The following example now will guide you through to watching video content.

Click on the Video menu item.

Tverity Video menu on the Wii

Click on the Movies menu item.

Tveristy Movies Menu

Click on the All menu item.The number in brackets here will now show the number of Movies that Tversity has picked up in the shared folders.

Tversity Movies List

Select your Movie of choice and then click on it.

Tversity Movie

Accessing Multimedia content on the Wii using Tversity

Follow the same steps if you want to browse through to your Audio or Photos from the main menu. To get back there, move your point to the top left of the screen to press the home icon or step backwards using the back arrow next to the folder name at the top of the screen. Using the Internet browser back arrow will take you out of the Tversity screen all together.

A word of warning though is if you browse through to items using the folder structure, it can be a little confusing as to why your items aren't were you think they should be, especially if you are swapping between types of media.

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