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Streaming Multimedia to a Nintendo Wii using Orb

Like other some other Media Servers, Orb offer the ability to stream MultiMedia content to the Nintendo Wii. It does this by connecting to it's service via the Wii Internet Channel and then using your PC to convert the Media content to Flash before sending over to the Wii Browser.

Prerequisites for Stream Media to a Nintendo Wii using Orb

  1. Installing Orb (Please note if you are already running orb, you will need to be running version 2.00.0814 or above for Wii functionality)
  2. Installing the Wii Internet channel

Starting the Nintendo Wii Browser

Switch on the Nintendo Wii and wait for the main menu to load. Click on the Wii Internet channel and press Start.

Nintendo Wii Internet Channel

Click on the WWW button.

Access Orb from the Nintendo Wii

Enter in the input box as shown above and press OK.

logging into Orb

You will now be taken to the orb login screen. Enter your login details that you created when you installed Orb and click the Login button. This will now give you access to the main menu as shown below.

The Orb main menu from the Nintendo Wii

From here, you can now access any of the multimedia resources that you have set up.

Accessing Video Content on the Wii using Orb

This next example will show the menu structure while browsing to a movie via a Nintendo Wii.

Click on Video from the main menu (as shown above)

Browsing the video folders in Orb using the Nintendo Wii

You can select any of these menu items but in this, select Browser Folders.

Orb displaying the media shares available on the Wii

This screen shows the media shares that have been added. I have only added my M:\Media\Movies folder and that is what is displayed above. Click on your required Media Share.


Orb displaying Videos in Video Share on the Nintendo Wii

Since I have arranged all my videos in folders, this is what is displayed here. As you can see, there is no nice dvd box cover images. Click on the Movie folder you wish to play.

Orb diplaying Video on the Nintendo Wii

Click on Play to view your Movie. Orb will now automatically transcode your Movie to a flash format for both the Video and Audio components. The quality is relatively good and watchable and I was able to play high action sequences over a wireless network with none of the choppy/jerky video sequences as I have seen with Tversity.

Playing Music on the Nintendo Wii using Orb

This next example will take you through the browsing and playing a music file. Go back to the menu menu shown in Step 2. Click on Audio and browse through to the listings in a similar way to an Album.

Orb Display Album tracks on Wii

The above shows that now, the folder.jpg file in the Album folder is picked up and displayed in this particular instance. (You will note here that I browsed by Album and it it picked up two tracks by the same artist in a different folder (hence there are 2 duplicate tracks with different icons.). To play these audio files, you can press Play All or Shuffle to start playing the whole album or by clicking under the picture of the music track, you will play that particular song.

Orb displaying single music file

If instead you click on the picture of the Audio file, this takes you into another screen showing you information about the file and one again, giving you the oppotunity to play it from here.


Orb playing a music track on the Nintendo Wii

As you can see, the while the music track play, the folder.jpg file also is displayed on the screen giving you a picture of the album cover. The Wii also offer you some control over the streaming file and in a recent release, they claim to have improved this functionality.

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