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Streaming Media to an Xbox 360 using Microsoft Home Media Ecosystem

The Microsoft Home Media EcoSystem (Windows Media Connect) advertises itself as a UPnP server which can be seen from any Digital Media Render (DMR such as an Xbox 360 that has a UPnP Client.

Prerequisites for connecting an Xbox to Microsoft Home Media Ecosystem Setting up the Microsoft Home Media Ecosystem . As part of this prerequisite, you must have also given your Xbox access to the shared content from the Media Sharing in Windows Media Player on the machine your are sharing from.

Window Media Connect

Switch on your Xbox and go to your My Xbox menu.

Xbox - My Xbox

Connecting to FreeNAS UPnP server from the Xbox - Video

For Video, click on the Video Library option with your A button

Xbox HME Video Source

The above example shows that the PC's name is called LIVINGROOM and that the Media has been shared as "LivingRoom". See the prerequisite guide for naming this. Select your Home Media EcoSystem Source and press the A button to continue.

Xbox HME/Windows Media Connect Movie Folder

Select you Movie Folder and press A to continue

Xbox showing Movie List from HME UPnP Server

Select your Movie and press the A button

Xbox HME/Windows Media Connect Play Movie

As you add your movie folders to Windows Media Player, it uses the codecs you have on your PC to render a still from the movie. This is then displayed on the Xbox on this page.You can now press the Y button to play the Movie.

Playing Music from the Xbox using HME/Windows Media Connect UPnP Server

For Audio and Music, go back to the Main menu by pressing the Back or B button and the select Music Library.

Xbox Connecting to a Music Source from HME/Windows Media connect

As with Video, LIVINGROOM:LivingRoom is displayed as a source. Select A to continue.

XBox Slow HME/WMC Problem

The above screen shows the problems I was having with Home Media Ecosystem/Windows Media Connect. While adding all the contents to the Windows Media Player Library, the process which looks after the sharing and distributing the Media max'ed out the CPU and used a big chunk of memory for a long period of time. Trying to then view the contents of the library for the Xbox caused the response to be very slow or time out while trying to build the Music playlists.

Xbox display the Music Content from the Music content from HME/Windows Media Connect

If you don't have the issues, you will the Xbox automatically pulls in the tag information from the HME/Windows Media Connect and builds the lists as shown above. From here, you can drill down in a similar way to that of Video by pressing the A button to play individual tracks, Albums, playlists etc.

Displaying Photos using Xbox and FreeNAS

For Photos and Images, Go back to the Main menu by pressing the Back or B button and then select Photo Library

Xbox HME/WMC Photo Source

Select your Source and then press the A button to continue.

Xbox HME/WMC Photo folders

As there are pictures in each of the shares that have been added in this configuration, (DVD box covers for Movies and Album Art work for Music), it will show all of these folders. Select the Picture folder you wish to view and drill downa little further by pressing the A button.

Windows Media Connect Photo Folders

Select a Photo folder and drilling down further will allow you to view a all the photos in that particular foler.


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