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Streaming Live TV to your Ipod Touch or Iphone using Orb

One of the many features of Orb is that it offers you the option of watching Live TV on your Games console or Handheld Device. To do this on an Ipod, you can download either the fully featured Orblive application ($9.99), or if you want a taster of what it can do, download the OrbLive Free application. The main difference of these being that if you want to view a TV channel or other recorded media, you are only offered a randomised list of 3 from your chosen category. You can dip in and out on the menus to get a different 3 TV channels or movies but this could be quite time consuming to find the one you want if you have a large number of them configured via Orb.

Prerequisites for streaming Live TV to your Iphone or Ipod Touch using Orb

Installing Orb

Step 1 to streaming Live TV to your Iphone or iPod Touch using Orb

Switch on your PC and make sure Orb is started and logged in as your user.

Download OrbLive or OrbLive Free

Download and install the OrbLive or OrbLive Free Application from iTunes. You will need to configure your login on this free application to match that of your PC login.

Watching LiveTV fro Orb using the Ipod Touch or IPhone

Launch the OrbLive/OrbLive Free and login. In this example, we will be using Orb Live Free.

OrbLive Free Menu for streaming Live TV

Click on the TV item on the menu and then on the next menu, click on Live TV.

You will now be presented with a random selection of 3 TV channels that have been configured in your Orb setup

OrbLive TV Channel List

Select your TV channel and your done.

Playing a Live TV stream using Orb

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