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Setting up Home Media Ecosystem using Windows Media Player 11

The Home Media Ecosystem (Windows Media Connect) allows you to share out content from your Windows PC using Windows Media Player version 11 and above. Movies, Photos and Videos can then be streamed out over the network to Digital Media Renderers (DMR) such as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

Setting up the Windows Home Media Ecosystem

Launch Windows Media Player from your PC and ensure it is at least version 11. If it isn't, download the latest version from the Microsoft Web site and install it.

Windows Media Player Library

Once you are sure you have the at least version 11, Select the Library menu and then Add to Library....


Windows Media Player Add to Library

Click on the Advanced Options button to ensure you have the full display as above and then click on My folders and those of others that I can access.


Windows Media Player Added folders manually

Click on the Add... button and select the folders you wish to share out. Repeat this until you have added all the folders you wish to share.

Click OK


Windows Media Player adding folders to Library

It will now go through your folders and added all the multimedia files you've selected. Be warned, this may take some time and max out your CPU.

Sharing out your contents in to other devices

Now you have added your content to the Windows Media Player Library, you will need to share it out. To do this, you will again need to access the Library Menu from Windows Media Player (as in Step 1) and then select Media Sharing...

Windows Media Player Sharing Media

Ensure you check the Share my media check box and then click OK


Windows Media Player Sharing Content to Xbox

If you already have your Digital Media Render switched on, in this case an Xbox 360, it will show up in the device list and you should now click on your device and then click Allow. Without doing this, the sharing service will not be able to stream the content to your device.

By clicking on the Settings button, you can further customize the setting for all the devices(as shown below or by clicking on the Customise button while your device is highlight, you can customize that individual one

Windows Media Player Customizing sharing


N.B. Once you have share your media, Windows Media Player no longer has to be running as the sharing is carried out by the "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service" or wmpnetwk.exe if your are looking for it in your list of processes.


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