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Setting up FreeNAS as an iTunes Server

In order to stream your music content to more than one PC around your house, iTunes can be setup to access shared iTunes libraries on other machines. Centralising your media content on a single server is a running theme on many of these guides and is an best way to distribute your media to any room and device. This will however mean that you have to set up your iPod synchronisation in a different way if you want to synchronise off this central store.

FreeNAS iTunes Server Step 1

Create a folder for your iTunes Library. (In this guide, this will be been done by using a Windows share).

From a Windows pc, connect to \FreeNAS\FreeNAS_Files. (See here for the setting up of a Windows Share on FreeNAS)

FreeNAS iTunes Directory

Create the folder \FreeNAS\FreeNAS_Files\iTunes\iTunes_Database


FReeNAS ITunes Step 2

From your FreeNAS web console, Select Services and iTunes/DAAP.

FReeNAS iTunes Server Setup

  1. Enable the iTunes Service by checking the box
  2. Decide on the name of the Server which will advertise itself to your iTunes clients. Default is FreeNAS
  3. Enter the path to the database you created in step 1. Note that the path is different at the beginning. (/mnt/Files is the actual location of the files on the FreeNAS server and \FreeNAS\FreeNAS_files is the equivalent windows share)
  4. Add the path(s) to you media content and then click on Save and Restart
  5. You can click on Web Gui for the iTunes (See Step 3 for this)
  6. Ensure you have Zero/Bonjour configured on your FreenNAS server as this is what advertises itself to the Itunes clients. (see Step 4 for this)

FreeNAS Itunes Server Step 3

Clicking on the URL for the Administrative Web GUI (See no. 5 in the previous step) will take you into the Firefly media server console

FreeNAS FireFly Media Server

From here you can do a full scan of the music content you have available. By default this will scan your music content every 60 minutes. N.B. The Bonjour Service for the FireFly Media Server will always say that it is disabled as FreeNAS has it's own version that is taking the place of this. See step 4 on how to configure this.

FreeNAS iTunes Server

To check that your Bonjour Service is activated, you can select System from the main menu and then Advanced.

FreeNAS Bonjour Service

Check that Zeroconf/Bonjour is selected and the press Save.

FreeNAS Itunes Server Setup

If you have configured your service correctly, you can now start your iTunes client on your PC/Mac and you should now see your FreeNAS server in the SHARED section.

FReeNAS advertised as a Shared Library in iTunes


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