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Issues with streaming media on the Wii using TVersity

Choppy Videos and Audio on Movies

From testing out a number of movies, it would seem that there can be an element of choppyness which could make the movie unwatchable. There could be a number of reasons for this and this will entirely depend on your setup.

  • Wireless Connection. Your wireless connection may not be up to scratch. The solution here is to think about getting a USB Ethernet port for the Wii and connecting that to your router. Although this will help, I'm not convinced this is the always the problem. Other products such as Orb and both stream the same movie perfectly fine over wireless using the same hardware.
  • Processing Speed. As the Nintendo Wii can only view Flash Video streams at this point, it is possible that your PC is not entirely capable of decoding the the video stream and then re-encoding into the flash format fast enough. I had some success at reducing this stuttering problems but this did involve reducing the maximum size of the video from the Tversity Settings Menu. It did however lessen the quality of the Video stream and became slightly less unwatchable. My PC had ample power to cope with this so i don't really think this is the reason.
  • Codecs. Look at the codecs you are using to decode/reencode the Video streams. It is possible that you ffdshow codec bundle is out of date and it may be a good idea to get the latest release. This may help but don't count on it. It may be worth just playing around with the Codec settings if you are feeling brave to try and improve things. Perhaps a different library or a different codec may help.


Other Problems with using Tversity and the Nintendo Wii

  • Image Size. Although the image quality for photos was very good, it did mean that all photos came out to maximum size and I had to scroll around the screen to see the image. A scaling solution to fit to your screen by default would be beneficial here.
  • Files over 2GB. It seems these videos just don't play at all on the Wii.
  • Quality of Audio. In certain circumstances, the quality of the audio that is converted to flash may also the make the movie unwatchable. This is to do with fddshow and upgrading to the latest version is always a good idea. You could also change the settings to use other audio filters for AC3 and mp3 audio formats if you are still experiencing problems.
  • Wii Out of Memory with TversityLarge number of items under a menu. If you have a large number of Videos and you access them perhaps via the All menu, whilst paging down you may receive an "Out of memory" error. A work around for this is to split you Video content into a number of folders such as Comedy, Action and Sci-fi, adding these individually and then either browse through the folders or tags to cut down on the chances of this happening.


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