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Issue with streaming multimedia to a Nintendo Wii using

The support for the Nintendo Wii on is still in beta so you can forgive them for it not quite being perfect at the moment. Here's a list of some of the things I found which need a bit of work.

  • Photos (My Media). Full size digital camera photos came out pretty bad. The image shown was similar to that as if you were viewing a thumbnail sized picture on full screen i.e Very low resolution.
  • Video (My Media). To be honest, the video re-encoding to flash is quite good and I did not see any of the stuttering problems that were shown using TVersity, even over a Wireless Connection.
  • Large directories. Will browsing some large directories containing many files/folders, the performance was very slow as it tried to render images for those files or folders. The Wii seemed to become unresponsive but after some time, it came back to life.
  • Audio (My Media). While listening to MP3's, WMA etc, I found that the audio quality was very poor. To me, it sounded like the bitrate was very low.
  • Playing Audio Files. On Occasion, an error message was given saying that only mp3s were supported. Retrying a file of the same format a few seconds later played .

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