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Is a Wired Network for everybody?

The simple answer to this is no and you are more likely to use a mixture of connection technologies depending on your device and location. As this will mean running long cables inside and/or outside of your house to get to certain rooms, there is a potential you have to crawl through attics, pull floor boards up and take chunks out of your plastering and freshly painted walls etc. If you have easily accessible rooms or are going to do some redecorating anyway, then this is definitely worth it. When I wired up my house in 2008, my electrician ran the cables and installed the back boxes in 7 rooms. After buying all the bits and doing the end point connections myself, the total cost was around £300, £200 of that going on the electrician.

In comparison to a using a HomePlug Network, it would have cost around the same to set up but I potentially have at least 8 times the bandwidth available, less security worries and don't have the on going electricty costs of running the HomePlugs.



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