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Installing your Wii Internet Channel

Before you can view any streaming multimedia content, you will need the to install the Wii Internet Channel. It is created by Opera and can natively view jpg, bmp, gif and png. To watch and listen to any Video/Audio stream, the stream must be converted to a flash format. The Opera browser for the Wii currently only supports Flash v7 so this will prohibit the Wii from displaying videos from some internet websites that require the latest flash version although both YouTube and the BBC iPlayer work.

DVD's and home movies must also be first converted into a flash format before viewing although some streaming packages will do this on the fly for you.


Wii Internet Channel Step 1

In order to install the Wii Internet Browser, you must first setup your Wireless Network (or Wired Network if you have bought the Wii Ethernet USB adpater). Without this, you cannot connect to the Wii shop and download the software. Please set this up before continuing.

Wii Internet channel installation

Switch on your Nintendo Wii and wait for the main menu to load. Click on the Wii Shop Channel. (if you Wi-fi connection isn't setup and working, you won't be able to go any further).

When you get to the Wii Shop Channel, the first thing you will need to do is buy some Wii Points. The Internet Browser (or Wii Internet Channel as it's called on the Wii) will cost you 500 points. This roughly translates to around $5 (USD) or £3.50 although you will need to make a minimum purchase of 1000 points. There are other ways of getting points such as redeeming Wii points cards etc.

Wii Internet Channel Installation

Once you have purchased your points, you can now select the Wii Internet Channel and download this into you Wii memory.

Wii Internet Channel Download

Wait a few minutes for this to download and install.

Wii Internet Channel

Go back to the Wii Main Menu and click on the Wii Internet Channel. Press the Start button with your controller. This will then launch the browser

Nintendo Wii Internet Channel

Clicking on the WWW button will then launch an input screen where you can enter any internet address.


Nintendo Wii Internet channel

Try using as a test. This version of Youtube is meant for viewing on TV's from a distance and will show off the cabilities of what the Wii can do with regards to viewing streaming Media content.


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