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Installing TwonkyMedia Server and Manager

TwonkyMedia currently comes in two flavors, the TwonkyMedia Server and the (Windows only) TwonkyMedia Manger (which also comes bundles with the server). Both installs are the same.

If you are installing the Media Manager, see the table below for your systems minimum configuration, it you are running the Media Server only, your requirements will be a lot less.

TwonkyMedia Manager installation requirements
Operating system Microsoft XP, Microsoft Vista
Processor Pentium or equivalent 2.0Ghz or faster
Memory 1024MB for XP but 2048MB for Vista
Other Screen with 800x600 resolution and above, 16 bit sound card with speakers



Download the latest version of the Twonky Media Server from here or the Latest TwonkyMedia Manager from here and then double click on the file to start the installation.

TwonkyMedia Select Language

Select your language and click OK to continue.

TwonkyMedia License Agreement

Check the "I accept the terms of the License Agreement" and click Next


Twonky license key

You will now be prompted for the license key for TwonkyMedia. Assuming you are wanting to try this out for the 30 day trial, you can simply click the Next button to continue. If you have already installed this before and your 30 day trial has already expired, you won't be able to use the product. If you already have a version 4.x license key, this will not work on version 5.x.


Twonky Media Installation Type

You will need to enter the Media Server name, so you can easily identify this server on your network. You should also check the "Custom Install" box too. This is mainly to set the options for your media directories but there are other options too (see below).


TwonkyMedia Advanced Install

For the Advanced or Custom install options

  • Install TwonkyMedia as a system service (Uncheck for NAS support). Uncheck this if TwonkyMedia is going to be managing other embedded servers on NAS
  • Detect and use iTunes's playlist and music database. If you don't want your iTunes database and it's playlists to be pulled into TwonkyMedia, uncheck this option.
  • Media Root directories. By default, it adds the My Music, My Pictures and My Videos folders for the currently logged in user. If your content is stored in different directories, change them now and use the category drop down list on the right hand side of the directories to ensure you only pull in the content you want.


TwonkyMedia Start Installation

Click the Install button to continue.


Twonky Media finish installation

Click Finish


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