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Installing PS3 Media Server

The PS3 Media Server is written in Java and has the benefit oft being a simple package. Yyou do not have to install or fiddle around with any codecs to stream you multimedia content to you DNLA compliant machine and it can play or transcode videos on the fly by using the powerful ffmeg/mplayer packages or will even use VideoLan Client if it is installed.

Download the PS3 Media Server

Download the latest version of the package from here and then run the install package.

Installing PS3 Media Server

PS3 Media Server Installation

Click on the Next button


PS3 Media Server Install Location

Leave the Destination Folder as default or enter a new destination if required. Then select the Install button.

PS Media Server Installation Complete

Make sure the "Run PS3 Media Server" check box is ticked and then click Finish.

PS Media Server Install Java RunTime

PS3 Media Server is written in Java so you will need to install the runtime component as part of the install. By clicking on the Finish button above, it will automatically start the download and install procedure off.

PS3 Media Server Java Installation

Click on the OK button and then the install program goes off and quietly downloads the Java Runtime component. Make sure your internet connection is switched on for this.

PS3 Media Server Java Install

Click the Accept button. This will then install Java. Press Finish after the installation is complete

Unblocking the firewall

After the installation, the PS3 Media Server Console will launch but while doing this, you will be prompted by your firewall application to unblock Java

PS3 Media Server Java firewall unblock

Click on the Unblock button.The Console will now launch and immediately start looking for DNLA compliant machines that are switched on and on your network.

PS3 Media Console Window


PS3 Media Server configuration


Installing Ps3 Media Server

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