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Installing Orb

Before installing, please check the minimum systems requirement table as shown below

Operating System

Windows XP SP2 including MCE 2004/2005, Vista (all versions)
N.B.Windows 2003 Server will work but you will not be able to stream live TV
Windows 2000 will also work if you add GDIPlus.DLL, but again, you will not be able to stream live TV.

CPU Athlon 3200+ or Pentium 2.4Ghz (the more the better however)
Memory 1GB RAM

100MB free space but over 1GB is recommend for writing media

Network Broadband Connection, the higher the upload speed, the better.


Orb Installation

Download the latest version of Orb from here. There are a number of different versions here but select the one that's applicable to your country. This is important if you want to us Orb for Live TV. i.e Electronic Program Guides (EPG).

Orb Installation

Double click on on your downloaded file to start the install.

Orb Setup Wizard

Click Next on the Setup wizard

Orb License Agreement

Click on the I Agree button

Orb Select Installation Location

Leave as the default location or specifiy you desired folder. Then click the Install button.

Orb Installation Account Setup

Orb has now been installed and you are required to start the configuration.

Welcome to Orb Orb firewall and AntiVirus

The first two screens are information screens telling you

  • to set up an account to enable you to stream your content to other machines
  • that you will be prompted by your Firewall Software that Orb is trying to access the Network. You need to click on "Always allow" when this happens or your content will end up being blocked for this application. Click Next on both of these windows.

Orb Create your Account

If you don't already have an Orb login, create one here. It will check against other users of Orb and may disallow your choice of login name if it has been used before. Click Next to see if your login name is accepted and retry it with different names until it is. If you already have a username for Orb, you can click on the "Already have an Orb Account?" link. N.B. you cannot use the same login to Orb on more than one computer at the same time but you can if the other machine is switched off.

By default, Orb adds your My Documents, My Videos, My Music and My Pictures folders for sharing on your PC. You can go in an change this after the install.

Orb System Check

Your Account Setup is now complete and your are now in the System Check phase of the install.

Orb System Check

If your processor has enough power, you will probably see a screen like the one above. Click Next to continue to the Local Network Phase of the install.

Orb Local Network

Orb Media on your TV

If you have a games console plugged into your Living room TV or want to use a media player to gain access to this content, you will need to tell Orb about your Network Setup now. Select Yes if you want to configure this now and click Next.

Orb Select Network Type for connecting to Xbox, PS3 and Media Players

Check the box which replicates your setup and click Next.

Orb TV Setup

Orb Installation Complete

Thats it, it's all finished.

Orb Installation Complete

The Orb program will be automatically set to launch upon login and you can can access to the configuration via the Orb icon in the Notication tray

Orb Notification Tray

To access your Orb, simply go to from your web browser and use the details you have created to login. You can also do this be right clicking on the Orb icon in the notification tray and selecting "Go to Orb"

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