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Installing Nero MediaHome

Nero MediaHome is a commercially available UPnP Media Server that supports a handful of devices, the major ones being the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The main difference that Nero MediaHome has over every other free and commercially available Media Server is it's ability to stream TV. This may not always be of use but does offer a way of distributing TV from your Satellite, Cable or main DVB-T ariel to other TV's around your home via a games console or Digital Media Player. It has to be said that I was pleasantly suprised by the features that this offered, it's simple interface, the ease of configuration and it's well worth spending $40USD / Ā£25GBP on this. Nero offer a 2 week trial from MediaHome which has virtually all the features available except for transcoding and TV streaming (TV streaming worked fine for me though when I tested this).

Minimum System Requirements for install Nero MediaHome

Operating System Windows XP SP2 or higher, Windows Vista, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 SP2 or higher, Windows ServerĀ® 2003 SP1 or higher,Windows Vista 64 bit if run in 32 bit compatibility mode
CPU 1.2Ghz Pentium 3 or above. This will depend however on the number of clients that are connect to the MediaHome server and whether you are transcoding SD or HD content. HD may require a dual or quad core processor. The more the better.
Memory 256MB
Hard Disk Space 200MB for installation, more for media content.
Graphics Card 32MB and above
Network 100MB Wired/HomePlug Network or a minmum of Wireless g. This again will depend on the type of content yo are distributing.


Downloading Nero MediaHome 4

Download the trial version of Nero MediaHome 4 from the Nero Website. You will have to enter a valid email address as your trial serial number will be emailed to you.

Starting the Installation of Nero MediaHome 4

To start the installation, open or double click on your downloaded file.

Starting the installation of Nero MediaHome

Choose your required installation wizard language and then press Next to continue.


INstalling Ask Toolbar with Nero MediaHome 4

Decide whether or not you wish to install the Ask Toolbar for your Web browser. Then click Next to continue.


Nero MediaHome Serial Number

Copy and Paste the serial number for your 2 week trial that you have recieved in your email and then press Next.


Nero MediaHome License agreement

Check the I accept the License Conditions box and then press Next to continue.


Nero MediaHome Installation Type

You can select the Typical installation button here, but if you want to make any changes such as the installation path or installation language, select the Custom install. Then press Next to continue. This guide will assume you have clicked on the Typical install as this will be the case for the vast majority of users.



Nero MediaHome Enhance Software

If you wish to help Nero improve their software, check the box. Press the Next button to finish the installation.


Nero MediaHome Installation complete

Press the Exit button to finish the installation.You have now sucessfully installed Nero MediaHome but you will have to conifgure your Media Folders, TV channels (if applicable) and then start the server before you can begin using it.

How to configure Media folders and TV channels for Nero MediaHome

How to configure Media folders and TV channels for Nero MediaHome


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