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How to Stream Media to an Xbox using PS3 Media Server

Even though the PS3 Media Server(PMS) is specifically designed to play, transcode and stream media content to the Playstation 3, there is now also limited support for the Xbox 360. It will allow the Xbox to play a large number of file types and also has support for subtitles.

Prerequisties for streaming media to the Xbox using PS3 Media Server

Streaming Video and Movies to the Xbox 360 using PS3 Media Server

To view your Video content from your PS3 Media server, switch on your Xbox and scroll to the My Xbox menu.

My Xbox

From here you can select your Video Library. Press the A button to continue.

Selecting PS3 Media Server as a Video Source on the Xbox

Select the PS3 Media Server as your Video Source and press the A button on your controller.


Browsing Video Folder on PS3 Media Server(PMS) using the Xbox

The PS3 Media Server isn't that slick just yet and offers you a list of all the folders whether they have videos in them or not. You will notice a couple of extra option here, namely

  • #- Media Library -#
  • #- Video Settings -#

Select Movies to continue to browse your videos.


Xbox showing the Movie List from PS3 Media Server

Select the Movie of your choice with the controller and press the A button to continue.


 PS3 Media Server showing a movie that does not need to be transcoded on the Xbox

If you have selected a movie which is in a supported container (such as an avi), you are now given the option to select and play it using the Y button. If it is a non supported codec on the Xbox, it will not play. See Step 2 for a guide to playing these movies.

Playing non supported movies using non supported codecs on the Xbox using PS3 Media Server

If you select a movie which is in a non supported container such as an mkv, you will notice there will now be a subtle difference on the display on the Xbox.

Showing a movie that is in a non supported container on the Xbox with PS3 Media Server

As you can see from the above screen shot, the mkv movie has [MEncoder] written next to it. This signifies that by default, mencoder will transcode this movie on the fly to make it a playable format on the Xbox. From testing this on a wired network with high definition movies, although the network traffic did peak at over 90Mb/s, the quality was excellent.

If you do not wish to use mencoder for some reason or the codec you are using is not supported but the container is, you can also go into the #-TRANSCODE -# directory for alternative options.

Showing the transcode options for PS3 Media Server from the Xbox

From here, you can select some other encoding options to try and play the media fly if the default one does not work.

Playing Music on the Xbox using the PS4 Media Server

The 2 main file formats that where used for testing for all the media servers were WMA and MP3 and test folders where added just like the other media folders. When trying to browse for the media using the XBox, no Albums/Music files could be found, despite the fact that you could browse through these folders under the Video Library.

Displaying images on the Xbox using the PS3 Media Server

To view Photos on your Xbox from the PS3 Media Server, go to the My Xbox menu again and then select Photo Library. Press the A button.

Selecting PS3 Media Server as aphoto source from the Xbox 360

Select your PS3 Media Server source and press the A button on your controller to continue.


Dispolaying the Photo Folder options from the PS3 Media Server on the Xbox

As with the Movie list, all the folders you have added are displayed, no matter if they contain Photos or not. Select you Pictures folder that you added in the basic configuration tutorial and then press A.

Showing the list of Photo Folders from the PS3 Media Server on the Xbox

You can now select the Photo folder your require and drill down to start viewing your images.


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