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How to configure Media folders and TV channels for Nero MediaHome

Installing Nero MediaHome

To configure Nero MediaHome, you can either launch the application via the Start Menu or by clicking by right clicking on the MediaHome icon in the noticiaftion tray and clicking on Restore Window.

Nero MediaHome Trial License

After launching the application, you will be immediately prompted about your trial license.

Nero MediaHome Trial License reminder

As shown above, after your 14 day trial has ended, Nero MediaHome will continue to work but some features will stop working. You will be able to stream content such as Xvid/Dvix movies, Music and Photos to your Media Clients (Xbox, PS3 etc) but TV streaming will stop working. The other features do not work in the trial version. Click on Continue to configure the product.


Media MEdiaHome Folder select for Media sharing

At this point, you can either let the software automatically select your My Documents folder for sharing (which contains My Music, My Pictures, My Videos) or you can define your own folders to index into its database. If you choose to define your own folders, you are only allowed to add one folder at this point which is then shared and indexed before you can move to the next stage. Any other folders can be added after the initial configuration so it's best to pick the smallest one for speed.

Nero Media Home TV Streaming Setup

Nero MediaHome TV Streaming Setup

If you have a supported TV card in your PC, you can now set up TV streaming. If not, press Skip to miss this step or configure it later.


Nero MediaHome TV Tuning setup

Select your Video and Audio device to tune it in. In this guide, an external Hauppague Nova USB2 DVB-T box is being used. Press Next to continue.


Nero Media home Start TV Tuning

Ensure you have selected the country you are in from the drop down menu to ensure it searches for the correct channels and press the Start Search button. This takes approaximately 5 minutes to complete.


Nero MediaHome TV and Radio Channel List

The TV and Radio channels are presented in the order they are found and are not automatically sorted into the same order that you TV, satellite or cable box would put them. If you want to put them into the order you are familiar with, you will now have to manually do this yourself using the Up/Down buttons. Press Next when you have completed this.


Nero MediaHome Manage TV Channel Groups

If your want to put your TV and Radio channels into groups, here is you chance. Press Finish if you have another TV card to setup (this will then take you back to the beginning of this step) or press the Close button if you have completed this phase.

Nero MediaHome start Media Server

Once you have completed the setup, you will need to run the Nero MediaHome program again from the Start menu and this will then prompt you to start the Media Server

Nero MEdiaHome Start Server

If you wish to start testing this out now, Start the media server now. If , however, you have more configuration to do such as TV channel tuning or Media folder adding, press the Start the media server later button.


Nero MediaHome Console screen

You can now browse the existing configuration. A number of items will be greyed out and you will have to ensure press the Stop Server before you alter these settings.


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