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Changing the Movie Thumbnail in Orb

As standard, Orb renders a clip from your Movies on your hard disk at somewhere around the 10 seconds in and uses this as the thumbnail which it presents in it's user interfaces on the PC, Games Consoles, iPod etc. It is easy to change this to be a DVD box cover, Movie poster, etc and this guide will show you how to do this. It will be quite time consuming though if you have a large movie collection with each thumbnail change taking around a minute to complete.

Changing the Movie thumbnail in Orb

Launch Orb and then right click on the Orb icon in the notification try and click on Go to Orb. You can also do this by launching a web browser and typing in

Orb - changing the movie thumbnail

From the Orb Interface:-

  1. Click on the Open Application drop down menu and then select Video. Then select the movie from the list shown on the screen you want to change the thumbnail for.
  2. At the bottom of the window, the details of the video will be shown and the existing thumbnail for the movie. Click on the Change Thumbnail link.

Change Thumbnail for a Movie in Orb

You will now be given options for changing your Movie Thumbnail

Orb Change Movie Thumbnail Options

If you already have an image for the movie you wish to use, you can browse for it in the standard way.

If you want to get Orb to do the work for you and download/resize the thumbnail, click on the Download from URL. From another web browser window, you can either browse to you favourite Movie box cover or poster site to select your image. have quite a good selection but you could also just browse for aa suitable image using Google images. Right click on the image of your choice and select Properties. Copy the Images address from the Properties window and paste it into the Download from URL box. Click OK. Wait a few seconds and Orb will now show this new cover.


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