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How to Stream Media to the Xbox using Orb

Orb has a large and excellent feature set and amongst them is ability to advertise itself as a UPnP compliant server. The Xbox can then pick up this advertised UPnP server and stream multimedia from the Orb server. Orb doesn't have the best quality video streaming and it can look very blocky or in some cases unwatchable. This is partially because Orb transcode every video format, no matter if the Xbox could view this media natively or not. Orb state that they have made massive improvements now to this in their later release 2.50.0185 but this is only meant for the US market and has some limitations like no online videos for the Xbox. From testing, it does look like the stability has improved but it is still seems like the overall effect is like watching a VHS cassette.

Prerequisites for Streaming media to an Xbox using Orb

  1. Installing Orb

Streaming Video to the Xbox using Orb

To view your Video content on from your Orb server, switch on your Xbox and scroll to the My Xbox menu.

My Xbox

From here you can select your Video Library. Press the A button to continue

Select Orb Media Server as a Video Source from Xbox

Select your Orb video source and press the A button.


Xbox- Selecting your Video folder in Orb

Select your Video folder which you have configured for your Movies. If you have set up any other sources such as Internet Videos, Webcams (USB/IP Cameras) or any Live TV (you will need a TV Card plugging into your PC for this option), you can also select one of these. Press the A button to continue


Viewing the Movie Folder list from the Xbox using Orb

Select the Movie of your choice and press the A button to continue.


Using the Xbox to show a movie using Orb

You can now press the Y button to play the movie. Orb renders the first part of the Movie required to display here but you can also change this by going into the web interface if you prefer to display the Movie Box cover etc.

Selecting a Music Source from Orb using an Xbox

To play music from your Orb server using your Xbox, go back to the My Xbox menu, scroll to the Music Library and then press the A button.

Selecting an Orb Music Source on the Xbox

Select your Orb source and then press the A button to continue.


Select Music from an Orb Server on an Xbox

From here, you can now select to play albums, playlists, individual tracks etc.

Viewing photos from an Orb Media Server using the Xbox

From your My Xbox menu, scroll to the Photo Library Menu item and press the A button

Selecting an Orb Photo Source from the Xbox Photo Library

Select your Orb Server from the list of sources and press the A button to continue.


Selecting a Photo folder from Orb on the Xbox

Select the shared folder you have configured on your Orb Server to browse it's photo content..


Select your Photo Folder from Orb using the Xbox

Depending on how you have stored your photos on the Orb server, you will now be able to view your pictures or browse through the photo album folder list.


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