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Editing MimeType on a FreeNAS Webserver

If you are having some problems streaming media out to your iPod of Games console from FreeNAS, whether it is using the FreeNAS Web Server or it's UPnP services, it could be that your mime types or not configured correctly for that particular type of media.


Editing Mime types for the FreeNAS Web Server.

In this example below, while creating some guides for this site, I found that I couldn't stream an mp4 file from the FreeNAS Web Server to my iPod touch. Here is what i did to fix it.

Editing Mime Type for FreeNAS web server

Type in (or whatever address you have configured your FreeNAS Server to be) into your favourite web browser. You will be prompted for a login and password. The default for these is admin and freenas respectively.

From the Main Menu, select Advanced and then File Editor.

FreeNAS WebConfiguration Step 2

FreeNAS Web configuration

Click on the "..." button and browse to the file /etc/rc.d/websrv. Then click Load.

FreeNAS Web configuration Step 3

Scroll down until you come across the line:-

mimetype.assign = (

Underneath here are all the mime types that the web service currently understands. You can add in any type of file here which you need your web server to deal with.

".mpeg"    => "video/mpeg",
".mpg"     => "video/mpeg",
".mp4"     => "video/mp4", <===I added in this line to allow streaming of mp4's via the web server.
".mov"     => "video/quicktime",

N.B.If you are not sure what to add here for your particular file type, have a look at the registry settings on your PC.

  • On Windows XP, click Start and then click on Run. Type in regedt32 and press return.
  • Click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Mime\Database\Content Type. Here will see a list of the file types your machine understands.

Registry Mime Type

Once you are happy with your new FreeNAS mime types, click on Save and restart your FreeNAS Web Server. Your file should now be handled correctly.

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