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Creating a FreeNAS CIFS/SMB Share

If you have a Windows XP or Vista Machine,creating a CIFS/SMB Share should be one of the first things to do after your initial build of FreeNAS. Most of your content you want sharing will be on the PC or accessible through them and this is probably the easiest way copy that content over.


FreeNAS CIFS SMB Setup Step 1

From your FreeNAS Web Console, click on Services and then CIFS/SMB.


On the Settings tab:-

  1. Check the on Enable box
  2. Enter the Netbios Name. This is the name that the FreeNAS machine will announce itself as to all other Windows Machines on the network.
  3. Enter the Workgroup name. This is WORKGROUP by default and should be fine to remain as this. Check you own PC Workgroup if you have problems with this. (Start--> Control Panel--> System--> Computer Name tab)
  4. Enter a description of the server. This is some descriptive text that will appear when browsing for windows machines on the network.

Click on Save and Restart

All other Settings show be left as is for the time being to ensure simplicity. This can be altered at a later date to your particular requirements.

FreeNAS CIFS/SMB Setup Step 2

FreeNAS CIFS SMB New Share

  1. Click on the "Shares" tab
  2. Click on the "+" to add a new Share



  • In the Name box, enter a name that you wish to use as the share name. The above example will be \freenas\FreeNAS_Files or \\FreeNAS_Files when you connect to it on the network.
  • Enter a descriptive comment for the share to help you remember what you have shared
  • Enter the Path on the FreeNAS server which will be the directory which is actually shared out. Although you can share out as many directories as you like using the mount point or one of it's sub directories, this guide will just share out all files under the /mnt/Files mount point for simplicity.


FreeNAS Apply Changes to New CIFS/SMB Share

Click on the Apply Changes button to complete your share.

From you Windows PC, you could now connect to this device from an explorer window using \freenas\FreeNAS_Files (or your equivalent) and create all you desired directories such as those below. You could also then share out each of these too by repeating Step 2 above.

Windows Share on FreeNAS


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