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Media Server Software


  Great piece of software.  I use the free version.  PlayOn handles all my internet stuff like CBS, Hulu, and so forth.  TVersity serves up all the content that’s local, that is, on my FreeNAS box.  There are guides here already for how to set it up.  Quick tip: Map your FreeNAS shares as network drives.  Makes life much easier when browsing to them to set up your shares in TVersity (it’ll automatically reformat the path as a network share).  I set mine to transcode only when necessary, which should be never given that I convert all my MKVs before hand.  My Windows box is not the most powerful beast, so I prefer to convert ahead of time rather than transcode (which often chokes my box).  Your call based on your equipment and your needs.  I set my TVersity to refresh its sources every hour



Another great piece of software.  Here, I have access to Hulu, Food Network, CBS, and so forth.  While the Xbox 360 does Hulu on its own with Xbox Live Gold, and will do it in HD when possible, PlayOn also does Netflix...which is how I get it in the bedroom on the Xbox 1 with XBMC.  I do not use it to feed my local media even though it’s capable of that.  TVersity handles that and handles it well.  PlayOn handles my internet video and does so well, even on my moderately powered Windows box.  I went ahead and paid for PlayOn after being pleased with the trial version.  There are plenty of plugins available to make it do more.

Connect360 - MacbookPro

This is more of a ‘because I can’ thing.  I don’t use it often, but it’s nice to know it’s there.  My entire iTunes, iPhoto libraries and all the movies in my movies folder (and my iTunes library of movies and TV shows) all available on the Xbox 360/Projector is nice.  Super easy to set up.  You simply checkmark what you do and do not want to share and that’s it.



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