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Scheduling Scripts

5. Scripting - BAT files

The following batch file will automate the process of converting all the mkvs in the HDTV folder to mp4s and moving them to the TV folder and having TheRenamer rename them all. Just copy and paste my batch file into a text document and save it with the extension ".bat".  I suggest you TEST them (put a video in the folder and double click the batch file) after updating with your program paths and save paths.

XenonMKV Batch file

6. Scheduling Scripts

A great freeware program called System Scheduler is like the Windows task scheduler, only it works...well.  Look at my screenshots for how to add a task.  We’re going to add two, one for each batch file.  I have mine set to go every 2 hours, on opposite hours from each other.  So the conversion will go it 10, theRenamer at 11, the conversion at 12, and so forth.  If there’s nothing to convert or rename/move, it’ll close itself out in seconds.

System Scheduler - List 

System Scheder - theRenamer

System Scheduler - When


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