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Hows its done - continued

3. XenonMKV

Now that the HDTV files are in the HDTV folder, a program called XenonMKV will convert the entire folder full of .mkv files that are HDTV shows to an Xbox 360 friendly format of .mp4.  The following batch file will run XenonMKV on the folder, with the output folder for the mp4 files being the TV folder where the SD shows are.  See where we’re going yet?  Follow my screenshots for set up of XenonMKV.  Most important is the split if over 4 GB file size.  The 360 won’t play mp4s bigger than 4 GB, so this setting splits bigger files into smaller ones to keep compatible.  With 1 hour TV shows though, this has yet to prove to be a problem.


XenonMKV Options

4. TheRenamer

TheRenamer is a great little piece of software. It looks up the episode numbers and names of shows and renames your downloaded files based on rules you set. I prefer the format 7x08 - episode title.avi, so that’s what my settings do. Play around with it until you get what you want. The beautiful thing is it renames ANYTHING...txt files, mp4, avi, and so forth. The other cool part is the automove upon completion of rename. Here, I have mine set to move all my files into folders and subfolders based on show name and season. It’s sweet.


So far, we have uTorrent finding the.mentalist.s3e8.xvid.LOL.mkv, downloading it, converting it to mp4 for the 360 (and laptops), renaming it to 3x08 - episode title here.mp4, then moving it to the FreeNAS box to /TV/The Mentalist/Season 3/3x08 - episode title here.mp4. Oh yeah, make sure you map your freeNAS box as a network drive. I’ll show you how with screenshots. This lets me move my files directly to the FreeNAS box from TheRenamer. Make sure to set the fetch folder to be your TV folder, the one where your mp4 files will go after conversion from mkv.