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A. First thing’s first. I built a FreeNAS box. It has 2 1 TB hard drives in it. One holds movies, the other TV shows, and various things like music and photos are split between them. There is plenty of documentation on this site and others about installing and configuring FreeNAS, so I won’t go into that here. I will give you my folder structure though.

  • TV
  • Movies
  • fuppes_transcode
  • iPhone_friendly
  • G1_friendly

Windows 7 PC

1. Downloading TV Shows

First things first, acquiring videos to watch.  This is where uTorrent comes in.  There are plenty of other torrent client choices out there, but I like uTorrent for its low resource usage and built-in RSS downloading.  I use RSS feeds from among others and search terms like “House” (which also seems to bring down Desperate Housewives in addition to House MD), and csi.ny for CSI New York.  Look at the screenshots to see how I’ve set up one of my shows for HD and also for SD (I can’t watch HD on every device in my place, just the laptops and Xbox 360, so I get the SD versions too for flexibility’s sake). 

Utorrent RSS Downloader

utorrent RSS Downloader

Also note how I’ve told it what season I want to start with and that the smart episode filter is on.  This will keep it from downloading the same episode multiple times. I have uTorrent set to automatically label these files too:-

  • SD becomes TV. 
  • HD becomes HDTV

This is important for the automatic conversion we’ll be setting up later on.  I also have the setting to automatically move the torrents based on their labels turned on.  What this does is make sure my HDTV labeled TV shows end up in a folder called HDTV and my TV shows end up in a folder called TV.

2. PeerBlock

With uTorrent, make sure you use PeerBlock.  This will keep ISPs, government, schools, etc. from watching what you’re torrenting.  It’s dead simple set up.  Just download it, run it, and make sure it, like uTorrent is set to start with Windows.

If you’d rather use a different torrent program (make sure it’ll still move your files for you...the batch files later are expecting them in certain places) or use uTorrent, but not the built in RSS feed downloader, look in to TED, Torrent Episode Downloader.  Dead simple to set up.  Works pretty well.  I don’t like having more software than necessary running as I’m also counting on TVersity to do its job, and that’s resource intensive.

Servers and Workflow

Converting HDTV Files and renaming TV ShowsXenonMKV and theRenamer