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Full Working Solution - CrasH's Setup

CrasH has built up this solution overtime, making the most of the hardware he has and using multimedia software to automatically convert videos and distribute it around his home. Read his guide on how he did it.

  1. Introduction
  2.  Servers
  3. An Overview of the Workflow and Software I use
  4. How it's done



Like so many of you, I want to watch my movies and TV shows on my big screen.  I have a projector, so I have a fairly big screen.  I want to watch my movies and TV shows, especially Hi-Def, on it with my surround sound system.  I could have built an HTPC, but that’d be yet another device in the living room, taking up space, making noise, making heat, and the pain in the ass it would be to configure it and make it work with a remote control was just not worth it.  Besides my wife and I each have a laptop, she has a G1, I have an iPhone (and an old G1), and a TV in the bedroom.  I want my videos and music on all those too.  Following in the line of thinking of — any video, any device, any time — working with what I already have, I have made it so I can watch any video, listen to any song, view any picture on any screen or set of speakers in the apartment.  And all without building a new HTPC. 

Servers and WorkflowServers, Workflow and Software