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Converting a DVD rip using DivX Converter

DivX Converter is a commercially available product and cost about $20. It is bundled with the DivX Pro Codec but if you download the free DivX codec, DivX Converter comes with it offering a 15 day trial. It offers a very simple front end and allows you to convert your various video sources into a divx, avi or mkv format (mkv is used for HD and us available from version 7.0 and above). The current list of input file formats are:-

  • MPG
  • MPEG
  • VOB
  • M1V
  • M2V
  • TS
  • TP
  • WMV
  • AVI
  • AVS
  • MP4
  • MOV (if user has QT 5+ installed on their computer)
  • MKV

The example below shows how to convert a DVD rip (in this case ripped using Any DVD) to a an avi.

DivX Convertor Step 1

In case you haven't ripped your DVD yet, click here to see how to do it. As can be seen above though, you can re-encode most popular video file formats using the DivX convertor.

DivX Convertor Step 2

From your DVD image files, select the main movie from the list of VOB files you now have. The main movie will be the largest set of contiguous files on the DVD image. An example of this is shown below.

DVD Vob files for DivX convertor

Start the DivX Convertor.

divX Convertor

Drag and drop the first file from this list into the middle of the DivX Convertor Window.This will automatically pull in all the other vob files associated with the movie.

DivX Convertor

Once you have dropped your file onto the DivX Convertor it will start to analyse the video. Once analysed, a File Settings window will pop up for you to choose your required options. (Media Options tab)

DivX Convertor File Settings

Select your Source Audio Tracks and Subtitle Tracks you wish to use. If your original Source Audio from your DVD is AC3, you can keep this as part of your final converted movie. You would select this option if you wanted to have the original surround sound that is on the DVD to give you a higher quality movie in the end.

DivX convertor Output Settings

Next, click on the Output Settings tab.

DivX convertor Output Settings

From here you can change the Output Settings of the file.

The Certification profile gives you a number of presets which can be used depending on the type of file you have imported and the quality of the final video you require. The Home Theatre profile, will give you a high quality Standard Definition movie and will allow you to fit approximately 3 movies per DVD.

If you do not wish to use the Certification Profile and you understand the consequences of changing the various options of file size, resolution and bit rates, you have some simple options available to you. ( A rule of thumb is that you should reduce your resolution if you start to reduce your file size/bitrate but this may involve some trial and error)

Click OK when you are happy with your settings.

DivX Convertor

If you have multiple movies you wish to convert, repeat steps 1-4 and then click the Convert button from the main window (which will now be in green)

Depending on your PC and the settings you have choosen, this may take a couple of hours although using DivX as the codec is one of the faster to re-encode a video source.

N.B. To change the output location of your converted file, right click on the main DivX Converter window and select Preferences.

DivX Convertor Preferences

Click the Browse button to select a new folder or find where your current output folder is located.


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