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Controlling your PC, Mac or Media Centre using an iPod Touch or iPhone

If you have an iPod Touch or an iPhone, it's worth downloading the free application from Itunes called the Logitech Touch Mouse. It's a two part application which also requires you to download and install the PC or Mac component from the Logitech Website. Once you've installed both of these, you can now use the your iPod as a mouse and/or keyboard for your HTPC, normal PC or Mac Applications.

Installing your Logitech Touch Mouse Server

Download and install the Logitech Touch Mouse Server

Logitech Touch Mouse Application from iTunes

From your iTunes, download and install the Logitech Touch Mouse application

Running the Logitech Touch Mouse Server

Launch the Logitech Touch Mouse Server on your PC or Mac and you should get something similar to the picture should below. As you can see, there is currently no iPod or iPhone connected.

Logitech Touch Mouse Server Unconnected

If you are going to use this application on a regular basis, make sure the "Start this application automatically when Windows starts" box is checked.

N.B. If you are running iTunes on the same PC, you will probably seethat you Bonjour registration status is now set to registered too.

Launch the Logitech Touch Mouse Application

On your iPod/iPhone, launch the Touch Mouse application.

Logitech Touch Mouse application searching for Server

You may or may not be able to pick up the your PC automatically at this point. This seems to depend on whether you have iTunes on the same machine and if your Bonjour registration status is successful. If you can, select the PC or Mac you wish to control. If you can't pick up your PC automatically, simply type in the ip address for your PC in the box provided on the iPod application. You can find the IP address easily if you look at the Touch Mouse Server application on your PC. In our example (See the Image in Step 3), "This computers IP address :"

Logitech Touch Mouse Server connected

Once your connected, your Touch Mouse Server application will now show the IP address of your iPod/iPhone.

Your iPod/iPhone will now display your mouse application.

Logitech Touch Mouse

Clicking on the Keyboard icon on the bottom left of the application will give you the standard iPod Touch/iPhone keyboard and both the mouse and keyboard are sensitive to the accelerometer.

Logitech Touch Mouse Keyboard


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