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Connecting an Xbox to Tversity for Streaming Multimedia

Tversity is a UPnP server which can stream and transcode videos to a number of clients. There are two versions available which are the free version and the Pro Edition, the latter adding the ability to Stream Internet Videos from the same interface.

Since the Xbox has a built in UPnP client, it can easily render and play the content from Tversity. This guilde will take you through the steps of accessing your Movie, Music and Photo's stored on a Tversity server.

Prerequisites for streaming Media to an Xbox from Tversity

Streaming Video Sources

In order to access your Video content on Tversity, switch on your Xbox and scroll to the My Xbox menu.

My Xbox

From here you can select your Video Library. Press the A button to continue.


Xbox - Tversity Video Source

If your Tversity server is running on your PC, you will see that it will now be listed in your Video sources. Select the Tversity server and press the A button to continue.


Xbox showing the Video folder options in Tversity

Tversity gives you a number of different ways of accessing your content, depending on how you have set it up. You can select any of these to get to your content, each having ways of refining your search. If you have selected to have the Charlie Rose channel as one of you subscribed internet channels during the install, it will download these and install them on your TVersity server ready for viewing. If you have not bought the Pro version it will not let you watch the Internet video streaming channels either.

Select the folder you require to access your video content, and press A to continue.(In this guide, we will select All)

Xbox - Tveristy selecting a video file to play

Now select a video from the list and press Y to Play.

Playing Music through TVeristy onto the Xbox

For browsing and playing your Music collection from Tversity, go back to you My Xbox Menu as shown in Step 1 and select Music Library.

Selecting a Tversity Music Source from from the Xbox 360

Select your Tversity Music source and press the A button to continue.

Browsing Music list on Tversity from the Xbox

From here, you can select a variety of methods for drilling down and playing your music content. Press to Make your select. N.B. Clicking on Albums instead of selecting an indiviual album will actually put every song into the current playlist.

Selecting a photo source on Tversity from the Xbox.

To view your Photos, select Photo Library from the My Xbox Menu.


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