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Connecting XBMC to using UPnP advertises itself as a DNLA client so therefore any software or devices which can pick up this protocol can access it's content. XMBC has a number of options for connecting to different types of sources whether it be local attached or network based storage and you can use it's UPnP client to connect to the content advertised out by

In the following example, we will add Streaming Video Media (YouTube) Content and also add video content from's local file sharing, My Media.

Connecting XBMC to

Launch XMBC.

XBMC Main Menu

Click on Videos


XBMC Add Video Source

Click on Add Source


XMBC Add Video Source Path

Click on Browse


XBMC Browse UPnP Share

Click on UPnP Devices.(You may have to slide the bar down on the right hand slide to get to this source, depending on your configuration)


XBMC Browse UPnP Share

If your server is running, this will now be displayed in the list of available shares. Select your PlayOn server to continue.


XBMC Display streams

You will now be shown a list of all the available streams and Shared Media which is available from the PlayOn Server. You could just click on OK here to add all the content of the server as one source. In this example however we will drill down and add YouTube and My Media (Beta) as separate sources because of the greater flexibility it provides.

XBMC adding YouTube from

To gain access to the YouTube Video Stream from, click on the YouTube list item.

Adding YouTube as a Source to XBMC from

Click on the OK button

SElecting YouTube as a Source for XBMC from

You could select OK here and your source would be added. I prefer to rename the source to something I can understand so by clicking on the "Enter a name for this media Source" box, a virtual keyboard will be displayed and you can then type in your source name. In this example, I will renamed mine "YouTube ( - LivingRoom)". Select OK when have changed the name of your Source.


YouTube Source Added to XBMC from

You can now select the YouTube Source and drill down to the video you require.

Select YouTube Video on XMBC from Source

Adding My Media Source to XBMC

In order to view your own Media files from on the XBMC, repeat Step 1

Accessing My Media content via XBMC

Click on My Media (Beta).


Selecting Video directory using with XBMC

Select Video from the List.

Selecting a Video Source from using XMBC

You can only select All Videos or Folders here as the other don't really work at this stage. Select either of these and then click OK.


XBMC My Media

You can now click on OK and your Video Content will be available to browse. N.B. The Set Content button above allows XBMC to look up the names of you media sources and put them into its library.For UPnP sources, this doesn't seem to work very well and this is not restricted to just as I had problems with FreeNAS, Orb and Tversity to name but a few.


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