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You can launch the configuration settings program from the program install, Start menu or Notification window by clicking on the icon. It doesn't allow you to tweak the settings much to try an improve the video for instance to try and fit you own particular requirements but have a look at this guide to check the most important settings. General Settings

Click on the General Settings tab General Settings

You should leave most of these options as default but there are a few useful things to not here.

  1. This shows if the server is up and running. Note that the server is not run as a service so you will need to login to your PC before you can gain access to its shared contents from your Games console etc.
  2. Stop and Start the Server
  3. Make sure you have this ticked by default. The server itself has quite a low memory profile when idle so won't cause any issues if you are running other software on this machine.
  4. Parental Controls. Some internet movie stream providers will have a rating guide with their content. Check this if you want to restrict or block that content. System Check

Click on the System Check Tab system Check

This tab allows you to just check if your PC is up to scratch.

  1. If you are going to be viewing online video streams, you will need a certain amount of bandwidth available. The thing to remember here is that if you are downloading files or watching more than one stream from different devices at the same time, you may have some stuttering. The more bandwidth, the better. Click the Test button to check your current bandwidth.
  2. Simple check to see if you have a powerful enough processor to stream and potentially convert videos. Click the Test button to confirm.
  3. Just a simple display panel to confirm you have enough memory and disk space available.
  4. Ensure this Automatic software update is checked. Since the Local Media and Plugs as both in their early phases, a number of releases will happen and this will give you the best support.

User Accounts

Click on the User Accounts tab. User Accounts

This doesn't need much of an explanation but just simply enter the usernames for any online video streaming sites you have. MyMedia

Click on the My Media(Beta) Tab. My Media

This shows the current directories that you are currently sharing within Click on the Add button to share some more Plugins

Click on the Plugins tab. Plugins

Besides the core Internet streams that offers, there are a number of third party or user developed plugins that can be installed. Click here for the official plugins and here for the unofficial plugins.


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