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Basic Configuration of the PS3 Media Server

There are a great number of configuration options you can choose for tweaking the the PS3 Media Server but this guide will give you the initial steps to get you up and running with your media quickly.

Configuring PS3 Media Server

Launch the console from your Start Menu.

PS3 Media Server Console

As you can see from the Status tab shown above, it will immediately start looking a PS3. Switch your PS3 or Xbox on but don't worry if you can't find it yet as you may need to adjust some settings. Click on the General Settings tab

PS3 Media Server General Settings

PS 3 Media Server General Settings

These are the two things I did to get my setup working.

  1. Install as a Windows Service. If you want to run this on your PC automatically without having to launch it or log in, you can install PS3 Media Server as a Windows Service. Clicking on this option will install the service but it be set to run as manual so you will have to change that to Automatic.
  2. Force Networking on interface. Since I had multiple network cards on my machine and I was also running VMWare, the Xbox I was testing this from would not pick up PS3 Media Server as a source. Changing this option to use my main Wired Network interface, which is also the same network as the Xbox was on, solved this problem.

Next click on Navigation/Share Settings.

PS3 Media Server - Navigation/Share Settings

PS3 Media Server Navigation/Share Settings

The main things to do on the Navigation/share Settings tab are

  1. Ensure the Enable the media library check box is ticked
  2. Add your multimedia content
  3. Click Save and then click the Restart HTTP button if it's not grayed out.

You should now be able to find your PS3 Media Server using your Xbox or Playstation 3 and clicking back on the Status tab will show something like this below

PS3 Media Server Status Xbox found

Starting the Service as automatic for PS Media Server

If you have elected to install PS3 as a service, you will need to set it up to start automatically.

  • Click on your Start Menu and right click on My Computer.
  • Select Manage

PS3 Media Server Service

From the Computer Management Window:-

  1. Click on Services on the left hand side
  2. Scroll down on the list of services on the right hand side until you come to PS3 Media Server. Right click on this and then select Properties.

PS3 Media Server Service change Settings

From the Properties window:-

  • Change the Startup type to Automatic
  • Then click on the Start button


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