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Adding media sources in TVersity

During your installation of TVersity, it will add the default local folders of My Videos, My Music and My Photos to the drives it will share out. If however you have some other local drives or folders containing multimedia you wish to share, it is possible to change these settings. It is also possible to add Media Sources from networked storage but this information is in a separate guide here


TVersity Media Folders

Launch the user interface for TVersity from either the Start Menu, the Desktop or by right clicking on the TVersity icon in the Notification area of the task bar and selecting Launch.

TVersity Media Sources

Tversity Library

The Library Shows you the current folders that you have configure to be shared out by TVersity.

  1. Add Item. Allows you to add either individual files or whole folders to Tversity. (See Step 3)
  2. This shows you existing folders that you have configured in Tversity. During the install, the defaults will have been to share you My Videos, My Pictures and your My Photos folders. These can also be edited or deleted on this screen.

Click on the Add Item + button to add more sources.

Tversity Add Folder

Tversity Add Media Folder

Clicking on the "+ Add Item" will pop up another window (shown above) allowing you to enter the details of you new Media Source.

  1. Type. Select folder if you are adding a media folder.
  2. Folder. Enter the path to you Multimedia folder. You could also press the Browse button underneath to select this for you.
  3. Title. Enter a title of the Media folder. This will only be displayed in the admin console.
  4. Tags. For the folder you have just added, you could enter a number of tags that relate to all the media files that are underneath this folder. For instance, Sci-fi or Comedy. You can add more than one tag for each folder but you must ensure there is a comma between each tag.
  5. Search for. Depending on what you wish TVeristy to share in the folders, select the appropriate check boxes of Audio, Photo and or Video.

Select the Submit button when you have finished with the folder details.

N.B. If you are using tags, you should definitely decide on a good folder structure for your movies etc. Movies\Comedy and Movies\Action and add all of these folders individually.

Tversity Adding Media Source step 4

Once you have click Submit, Tversity will now scan the folder you have just added. This may take some time depending on the number of files you have in that directory. Once this has completed it's scan, you will now be able to access the content using your preferred device.

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