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Adding your Data Disk in FreeNAS

If your FreeNAS is now connected up to your network, you should now be able to access it via a web browser.

FreeNAS Step 1

Type in (or whatever address you have configured your machine to be) from your favourite web browser. You will be prompted for a login and password. The default for these is admin and freenas respectively.

From the Menus, select Disk and then Management

FreeNAS Disk Management

Select the "+" button to configure and add your hard disk


FreeNAS Add Disk

Add your Hard Disk and type in a description such as "Movies Disk", "Archive Storage","General Storage" etc.

At this point you can select to change the Hard disk standby time and Advanced Power Management to save the wear and tear on your disk and reduce its power consumption.

When building this NAS Server, the Data Disk was preformatted to UFS so select this from the preformated file system options.

Press the "Add" button when you are happy with your settings.


FreeNAS Add Disk Apply Changes

Click on the "Apply Changes" to add your disk fully.

FreeNAS Add Disk Step 2

Your hard disk has been added to your server but now you need to add the disk to a mount point to complete the task and make it available.

From the Main Menu, select Disks and then Mount Point.

FreeNAS MountPoint

As in the Above Step, Click on the "+" button to configure and add your Mount Point.


FreeNAS Mount Point Add

Using the disk you have just added:-

  1. Select Disk for Type
  2. Select the Disk you have just added in the previous step
  3. Select MBR Partition.
  4. Type in 2 for your Partition number. The FreeNAS OS is on Partition 1. This information was given to you when installing FreeNAS.
  5. Your Data Partition was pre-formatted during the build so select UFS as the File Syetem
  6. Add in your Mount point name. The example here says Files but this could be anything. (Hint: Put something simple.)
  7. Add a description for the Mount Point.

Press the "Add" Button

N.B. There other options available here about permissions etc but for simplicity, these will be left as standard.

FReeNas Mount Point Step 3

Free NAs Apply Mount Point

Click on the "Apply changes" button

Thats it for adding your disk. You are now ready to start adding content, enabling other services and sharing out your multimedia content etc.

FreeNASClick here if you want to set up a share for accessing FreeNAS via a Windows PC or Laptop.

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